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Jorge Aguilar is of Spanish origin and now living in the UK and has exhibited all over the world.


Aguilar has always been of the opinion that artists are born rather than made, being a self-taught artist himself he has shown he was blessed with a natural talent for artistic expression.

Born in Barcelona in 1936, right at the start of the Civil War, he was he product of the religious public school system that took him to High School and University. A few years later, equipped with a degree in Agriculture, he left Spain, seeking broader horizons on a journey of self-discovery, with a baggage full of dreams, enthusiasm and determination.

Years of travelling, painting, and over a hundred individual exhibitions built a very rich pattern of visual references that he put down and expressed on the canvas.

Looking back over the years he realised that it had already been a long journey, like in the case of a long-distance runner, it helped to be able to release massive amounts of energy at prescribed times. He believes in a controlled, but consistently active, release of the inner force, which can be called an inspirational flame or, simply, creative energy, assuring the longevity that artists enjoy.

These days he divides his time working between the studios in London and Cambridge, with regular painting journeys throughout Europe, visiting favourite spots, the townscapes, landscapes and seascapes of France, Italy, Holland, Spain and Greece.

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