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New ArtistsBeresfordAugust Light appletree bay Mark BeresfordAfter the storm M BeresfordSummer Silence M BeresfordDavid CemmickDistraction by David CemmickRelease by David CemmickHare Alert by David CemmickJenny Wren by David CemmickSummer Swallow by David CemmickMorning Wash By David CemmickCross Little Owl by David CemmickQueen of the Sea by David CemmickThe Fisher King by David CemmickMorning Wash II by David CemmickLittle Mouse by David CemmickWell Gromed Hare by David CemmickBarn Owl with Barbed Wire by David CemmickResting Hare by David CemmickLong-tailed Tits by David CemmickPheasant ForwardWishing by David CemmickHatchling by David CemmickEric PontShelter Enric Pont When it rains Enric Pont Gisela GaffoglioThe Trip Gisela GaffoglioGrant palmer Patience - Pig by Grant Palmer Bronze resin Dennis Dachshund by Grant Palmer Bronze ResinMolinerSummer sailing Moliner Mr HHow to tell the truth Mr HAsteriod 2029 Mr H Scott BatemanIn this together Scott Bateman Love on all levels Scott Bateman Rising High on stormy seas Scott Bateman After the storm Scott Bateman We could fly high Scott Bateman Higher love Scott Bateman SpofforthHighland Coo S SpofforthDougie Sarah Spofforth Patrick on the moor S SpofforthPlucky S SpofforthSteve CobbFollow your dreams Steve CobbExhibitions & Art FairsAAF Bristol J CallanAlan MorganAlan SmithBergerChris ChapmanGianni StrinoJavier MulioJay NottinghamJulie OldfieldLeon FeijenNigel CookePaul BrownPreinerRobin FoxRozanne BellSean DurkinTelfordTristan ReidAAF Hampstead 2017J CallanAlan SmithAndrew McNeil JoneBergerChris ChampmanDavid CemmickDeAngelFishwickGianni StrinoGisella GaffoglioJay NottinghamJose HiguerasKerr RodgieLeon FeijenLynn RodgieMiroMulioPaul Coventry BrownPreinerRichard TelfordSean DurkinTristan ReidAAF London AutumnAJ CallanAlan SmithBergerByan HibleCatalaCawoodChris ChapmanDeAngelFeijenGianni StrinoHiguerasHolm Jenny Javier MulioJohn RussellJulie OldfieldLynn RodgieMichael ClaxtonPeter WorswickPreinerRobin FoxRuby KellerSimon WrightSolerTristan ReidAAF London SpringBergerFeijenGisela GaffoglioHefferanHelen ParsleyJay NottinghamKeith WoolleyKerr RodgieMark BeresfordMiroMr HNigel CookePaul BrownPreinerRichard TelfordRozanne BellSean DurkinSpofforthTristan ReidArt Edinburgh Art Ireland £500 & UnderBrowse by SubjectAbstractBlue and yellow floral - 2696Dragonfly Haven Rozanne BellHare Moon Gazing New love 1 - 10773In the blue by Rozanne Bell abstract mixed mediaScotty Dog Small Keith WoolleyPoppy iv - 4162Spread your wings and fly John RussellFloral NeswabdaIn the garden Rozanne BellLava in blue Rozanne BellThe Guitarist Lily pond II - 3703Explosion of bloom IIII - 1876Large scarecrow Keith WoolleyNew love 2 - 10772Poppy Heaven Rozanne BellLava in red Rozanne Bellsml scarecrow Keith WoolleyNew York Lights II - 8126Sunlight landscape - 1883Flying High John RussellSpring Banquet III - 3556In the red Rozanne BellBusy Bees Rozanne Bellabstract floral - 3941Bond Keith Woolley On the breeze John RussellPurple Glow Rozanne BellVenice - 6932Scotty Dog Medium Keith Woolleyfloral i - 1828Exploitation Keith WoolleyEvening in Tuscany - 4098As I remember it by Gisela GaffoglioAt the shipyard by Gisela GaffoglioEmptiness Gisela Gaffoglio Time to face it by Gisela GaffoglioIts all about the colour Wendy Carlton Falling for the afternoon Gisela GaffoglioPoppy Love Rozanne BellMad Hatter Keith Woolley Venice in June Gisela GaffoglioFlower suburb Gisela Gaffoglio Soft toys - 11007Like Birds by Gisela GaffoglioMoon Hare 2 Keith WoolleyLiving in a crazy world by Gisela Gaffoglio Nightime shopping Rozanne BellOne single reality Gisela GaffoglioSpring comes to town by Gisela gaffoglioTurquoise Glow Rozanne BellAnimalsZebra Portrait - 8332Donkey Higueras In and around - 7784Pig R HefferanRunning hare April YoungThe odd one out - 7786Ram R HefferanZebra in summer grazing - 8894Side Profile HiguerasGiraffe - 8115Stag R HefferanZebra midday rest - 8895Fox April YoungLuagwa Bulls - 8045Long horn Ruby KellerFox R HefferanHighland coo!!Stag Study on gold April YoungHighland Cow by HiguerasPair of Giraffes - 8114The Magestic Ruby KellerBy your side Ruby Keller MA0846Douglas by Ruby KellerStag by Ruby KellerMini me! Ruby KellerBoxing hares on green April YoungThe calf by Ruby KellerThe waiting game Ruby Keller MA0847Blue eyes Bullseye! Ruby KellerGorilla Mr MeanCheeky cow ! Ruby KellerTiger Tiger! 11171Stag Ruby Keller Red Deer Stag on gold April YoungZebraBirdsTerritorySunlight through the treesStroll at sunsetEvening callsPecking PartolCityscapeStevie woz ere by Leigh LambertHead down..keep walking! Sean DurkinVenice by Moonlight - 9755Waterfront sunlight Anthony MarshallDog walking Richard Telford The Appointment Richard TelfordMoonlight Venice - 9752By the harbour Rozanne Bell The Stables by Alan SmithAll in red Nigel CookeCity Lights at Sunset newcastle Michael James San giorgio Maggiore - 9493Street PartyLets get together! Sean Durkin Gondalos - 9494Arches VillasanteThe Cafe on the streetRichard TelfordCafe on the corner Nigel CookSky with spirit Dunstanburgh - 10094Drink Beer Sean DurkinBack streets by Alan SmithDown the lane Richard Telford Down the alley Richard TelfordOn the river - 10253Evening Light Grey St Michael JamesCity winter by Gordon BarkerThe old church Sean Durkin Green glazing Alnwick - 10092The View VillasanteLondon Skyline Nigel CookThe view to the power station - 10466Gathering in The Square Sean DurkinHeading Home Richard TelfordPorto - 10134Blue Venice - 10731To catch a thief Sean Durkin The Walkway VillasanteThe Meeting place Richard TelfordEvening rain at the bridge Michael JamesVenice - 8480Hopping out by Leigh LambertLindisfarne dawn - 10086Hens in the Yard by Alan SmithDown by the harbour Rozanne BellPorto - 10522The shortcut Richard Telford Venice Nigel CookThe remains of the day Neville St Michael James Venice 3 - 10137The Green Rozanne BellPurple Venice - 9754Cathedral rain showers Anthony Marshall Walk this way Sean Durkin London - 10519Walkies Richard TelfordGentle lapping Lindisfarne - 10090Scottish Rooftops Ben Wainwright Go go go! Leigh LambertThe Workshops by Alan SmithThe frozen few Ben Wainwright Hows my lad? Leigh LambertThe Cobbled street Richard TelfordThe Windmill Rozanne BellHexham View Anthony MarshallFarm Yard and Hens by Alan SmithThe appointment Richard Telford MA1309Summer Shopping Anthony MarshallI think he means it Leigh LambertLate afternoon Paris Nigel CookeAerial View Ben WainwrightA Heros wave Leigh LambertThe tourist trail Nigel CookeLondons Calling Nigel CookeIn the shade Richard Telford MA1520Big Ben Ben Wainwright Music of lights in New YorkBlue haze Venice - 10730One at a time Leigh LambertRainy Day Nigel CookeMarrakech Souk Gridlock Ben WainwrightMoonlight Harbour Roz BellShelter Paris Nigel Cooke Lady in Red Richard Telford MA1515Shopping for Messages by Alan SmithIn the fast lane Ben WainwrightPoetics of Cental ParkMarrakech Square In the red Ben Wainwright Chocks away son Leigh LambertAmsterdam Nigel Cooke MA1369Sad to be leaving Ben WainwrightEquestrianHorse Janice StubbsShow time HiguerasStanding proud HiguerasDancing stallion Higueras Traun XIThe herd Gianni StrinoIve got my eye on you! HiguerasWhite DignityMiguel white horse Higueras On show HiguerasTruan IX Trotting - 11093White horse - 11092Gianni Strino White StallionsRacing StallionGalloping Gianni StrinoFantasyFairy Wishes Emma NicholsonIcecream beach Miller and JamesYoung Love by Miller & JamesFigurativeMelissa - 2007Cherry Picking Jenny HolmGolden Triangle - 9183Don Raffaele - 10695Cinderella - 5460Galiana - 10702Daydream - 7155Snowblind - 6764Siesta - 2352Farmer - 10696Unseen - 7799Head With Roses - 8425The two pigeons (3) - 2009In Black - 11088The Flowers - 8957Feeling Good - 9161A Place to Hide - 5176Warm Grey...Black - 5177Still Life3 - 8424The Ballet Dancer - 4080Faithful Companion by Alexander Millar Lara with red flowers - 7800Lina - 8617Girl with the water jug - 9288Adam - 4626Scent of a rose Jenny HolmThe heat of the day RoyoThe Headdress - 3609Big Just Tristan ReidClown - 4948Nude 3 - 9679Summer Sun - 9160Blues and Golds - 8892Searching for golden eggs Jenny HolmEmperatriz - 10703Anna - 8618Evening Stroll Helen ParsleyBroad cracking wise Tristan ReidA birds eye view Jenny HolmIntrospecion - 6191Nude with rust and butterflies - 9190Guinevere - 2004Chiara - 4930Bella - 8616E-J at BAS Tristan ReidI cant dance - 4928Back from the nightshiftThe two friends Gianni StrinoArab 1 - 10990Masked Tristan ReidGo fly with the flock Jenny HolmAdoria - 10704Arab 2 - 10991The gold earring RoyoAll for your baby - 4927Arab 3 - 10992My mother my daughter Jenny HolmArab 4 - 10993"Mini Me"Bonita - 10705Wheres my brolly! Peter WorswickCynthias dress - 4841Off ta the match! "On Yer bike" empowered - 10701The old sailor Gianni StrinoFloralLove meadow Rozanne Bell Floral Red & Orange - 3939The garden by moonlight - 10437Daisies - 8039Daisies or poppies? Rozanne BellBlossom vii by FishwickFloral abstract - 3951pefect poppy - 9146 Roz BellSpring Time ii by FishwickUnder the moon - 10438Too much choice! Rozanne BellBlossom i by FishwickIn the heat of the day - 10792Through the branches by FishwickPoppy bazaar - 10760Summer Garden Rozanne BellBlossom iii by FishwickMillies favourites Rozanne BellFresh as a summers day Rozanne BellWhos who? Rozanne BellGrowing with the daisies - 10445Floral abstract - 3952Floral Glory by FishwickFire fly - 10064In Summer - 9622 Roz BellBlossom vi by FishwickFlower dust by FishwickGiant Daisies by Carol CawoodDaisy day - 8040Blossom viii by FishwickIn the Meadow by Carol CawoodBlossom x by FishwickDancing Blossom iBlossom ix by FishwickPastel play - 10867Daffodils - 8036Food and DrinkStill Life Red wine with bottle opener MulioStill Life peach strawberries and plum BergerStill Life The end result PreinerStill Life - 6494Still Life red wine glass and bottleGummie Together - AJ CallanStill Life Pears BergerStill Life Don Perignon PreinerUndying love - 6268Still Life bowl with peaches BergerStill Life Strawberries preiner Magnificient Beauty - 4702Still Life apples in bowl PreinerStill Life - 7042Still Life apple and orange with bowl bergerStill Life Fizz with oyster and lemon MulioStill Life basket peaches and glassStill Life At the end of the day PreinerCan & redcurrants - 6382More Than Real - 7095Still Life - 11114Still Life Bowl with cherries BergerStill Life Indulgence PreinerStill Life bowl with plums BergerStill Life - 7735Still Life bowl with apples BergerStill Life Martini with olives MulioStill Life The Taster PreinerStill Life Bring work home PreinerStill Life bowl and pomegranatesStill Life - 4204Still Life Pouilly Fuisse PreinerStill Life with Rioja by PrienerStill Life nectarines BergerStill Life white wine grapes and corkStill Life bowl with green apples BergerHibiscus - 5061Still Life bowl of cherriesStill Life Chablis Preiner Gummy bears AJ Callan The small version AJ CallanStill Life The Recipe PreinerStill Life strawberries and bow BergerStill Life bowl and orange BergerStill Life white wine peach and booksStill Life Bowl with lemons BergerStill Life Red wine grapes and cork MulioHumourGirl in the pink hat Chris Chapman Mill Street Chris ChapmanPipes and caps Chris ChapmanSoup of the day Chris Chapman Moonlight walk - 5050Military Chest - 9860Teabreak#3 Bryan HibleToffee Apples AJ CallanTeabreak#1 Bryan HibleInteriorsRight as ninepence - 8626Cafe St Marks - 3745Cafe Terrace - 3746Fine and Dandy - 8416Journeys end - 8793LandscapeLoch Slapin Hills, SkyeShade from a hedge Robert Newton Abandoned Croft with daylight MoonStorm approaching Alan MorganLindisfarne Store - Stuart HerdWinter Morning - 2570Oxidised Trees by Julie OldfieldSunset on the lake Helen ParsleySummer Forest - Mark ScorerAll uphill again Robert NewtownThe Hamlet Alan Morgan Mountain solitude Jay Nottingham The Pathway - 8680Spring Rain. Beacon hill Rob NewtonAnnapurna Circuit 6am by Julie OldfieldSilhouette mountains JohnRussellRuined Croft by Nick PotterThree small farmsThe big tree, Morwick Robert Newton long shadows - 2572Large Forest - Mark ScorerNew work by Jay NottinghamEarly Autumn Robert Newton Bamburgh Colin ChristieThe hiding place Alan Morgan LochaberSunset Glade by Lynn RodgieFarmers Rest by Jay NottinghamThe Homestead John RussellClearing sky over the CullinsDown by the river The road to Abergavenny Robert NewtonDerelict Croft with daylight moonHazy Venice Helen ParsleyCounty Clare III - 3959Large Forest 2 Mark ScorerMidsummer sky Robert NewtonAutumn Coquet Vale - 10684Harbour VistaFirst signs of Autumn Robert NewtonApproaching storm Alan MorganFishermans rest Jay NottinghamDusk Skye Warm sky Robert Newton Tiree BlackhouseMorning Haze Helen ParsleyEvening shadows - 5673Small Forest 1 - Mark ScorerAproaching Hail Over my shoulder Robert Newton Lindisfarne Colin ChristieOystercatchers Robert NewtonCraster Store - Stuart HerdLochan cottage Glen CoeJust the two of us Aan MorganCalm and crisp morning - 10051Loch Slapin Cottage Wet road ahead Robert Newton Ripples on the River Helen ParsleySmall Forest 2 Mark ScorerRain, Heading North, Garlyside Rob NewtonPloughed earth Robert Newton After the storm Alan MorganSummer Storm - 10692Moorland Cottage Jay Nottingham The church spire Alan MorganBig sky over LindisfarneAlmost Hidden John RussellSecluded John RussellThe stead John RussellFire in the skyPoppies and Linseed FieldMountain Range John RussellCroft with daylight moonBoulmer, Early morning Robert Newton Wood Pond - 10277Peaceful place John RussellDunstanburgh Colin ChristieThrough the field Alan MorganSky embers Bamburgh CastleStanley Steads John RussellRain over hedgehope - 10967Stormy sky John Russell Golden Glade Cottage Jay Nottingham The one and only John RussellOn the hillside John RussellSt Marys Lighthouse Colin ChristieEvening light Glen CoeThe red roof John RussellLandscape Alan Morgan Highgate, Mens bathing pond - 10271NostalgiaThe skipper - 10659Rouen Cathedral Peter KnoxGoing home on bikes - 10485Yard entrance/exit - 10719The onsetter - 8636Terrace - 2395Steelworker on bike Peter KnoxDocked - 11161York Cathedral Peter KnoxHeading home - 10476Swingbridge - 11133Embarking at the quayside - 5395Turnstile - 11125Brigantine - 11131Homeward bound - 5710End of shift - 11126Face filling - 8925Midnight journey - 10483Terns, Northumberland - 11012Coal Staithes Tyne - 11014Follow the banner - 3851Cyclists - 11135Terrace - 11124Quayside barque alongside steam locomotive - 10657Gulls, Embelton - 11123easterly Newton - 11015Steelworks bridge - 10229The swing bridge - 10477Bovril Terrace - 11127The Crossing - 11013The Keeper - 10722Tangier - 9584Unloading - 11154Card players - 11016The Yard - 9811Brig shifting downstream Peter KnoxFaccini Oil - 11017Waterfall High Force - 11128The loading bay - 10479Night Riders - 11136SculptureApril YoungScratching Hare April YoungCarousel horse April Young Startled Hare April YoungLabrador April YoungTwisting hare April YoungCarousel Horse IIFox April Young Moongazing Hare April YoungBigger Clare Cotterill Tim Aruba Turtle Bronze Sculpture 10194 by Chris BarelaCalla Lily Frog Sculpture 9243 by Tim Cotterill FrogmanPortobello Frog Sculpture by Cotterill FrogmanDavid CemmickDistraction by David CemmickHare Alert by David CemmickRelease by David CemmickLong-tailed Tits by David CemmickWishing by David CemmickThe Fisher King by David CemmickResting Hare by David CemmickJenny Wren by David CemmickLittle Barn Owl by David CemmickQueen of the Sea by David CemmickWell Gromed Hare by David CemmickSummer Swallow by David CemmickBarn Owl with Barbed Wire by David CemmickThe First Kiss by David CemmickHatchling by David CemmickCross Little Owl by David CemmickLittle Mouse by David CemmickOn your tail by David CemmickGrant PalmerDennis Dachshund by Grant Palmer Bronze ResinPatience - Pig by Grant Palmer Bronze resin Robin Fox Tweet Petites Robin FoxBejewelled Birdies Robin FoxRiot of Robins by Robin FoxWith the Flow by Robin FoxSeven Sisters Robin FoxSouthpaw Robin FoxFlying South by Robin FoxTwin Tweets Robin FoxPotter Chicken by Robin FoxBejewelled Robin Robin FoxCute Robin Robin FoxBirds in the hand Robin foxMo Robin FoxCute Wren Robin FoxSunrise Robin FoxBeatrix Chicken by Robin FoxSimpson Michael (Sculptor)Three little mice by Michael Simpson BronzeThree little pigs by Michael simpson BronzeBlue Tit - 10115 by Michael Simpson BronzeThe Chase Otters by Michael Simpson BronzeHedgehog - 10130 by Richard Cooper BronzePuffin Pair by Michael Simpson BronzeMedium hares boxing by Michael Simpson BronzeThe Duel Stags by Michael Simpson BronzeRobin by Michael Simpson BronzeKingfisher Pair by Michael Simpson BronzeMouse asleep on apple 706 Michael SimpsonPine cones by Michael Simpson BronzeSmall hares running by Michael Simpson BronzeMouse and Acorn by Michael Simpson bronzeMedium Playing Hares by Michael Simpson BronzeFrog - 7316 by Richard Cooper BronzeStallions of the Camargue Michael SimpsonMeduim hare running - 10668 by Michael Simpson BronzeRobin - 6164 by Michael Simpson BronzeMoment of truth 699 Stags Michael SimpsonThree little elephants - 10127Medium hare moongazing Michael SimpsonOwl - 6166frog and lily pad - 7481Twos Company Mice by Michael Simpson BronzeLarge gun dog - 8937Robin - 7314Kestral Michael Simpson Small hares boxing by Michael Simpson BronzeThree little pigs - 9206Hedgehog 807 Michael Simpsonlarge conker hint of autumn - 10666Large hare dancing - Michael Simpson sculptureSilver waters Otter 747 Michael SimpsonConker 710Twos Company mice 734 Michael SimpsonLarge hare moon gazing - 10661Kindred Spirit 743 elephants Michael SimpsonDoubling the Horn by Michael Simpson BronzeSmall Penguin 698 Michael SimpsonSmall hare listening Michael Simpson Medium hares playing 800 Michael SimpsonMouse on apple core - 10665Wren Perched - 6465Large conker hint of autumn - 10672Riverbed - Michael Simpson sculpturePuffin - on the run Michael SimpsonElephant Cow and calf Michael SimpsonSmall Robin - 7269Mouse with keys 736 Michael SimpsonWren on corn - 10116Small hare running Michael SimpsonWalter AwlsonSunbather 2Vantage PointJemmaYoung Wallace Kirstys BasquePamelaPatienceBatherSeascapeCalm Waters - 6916Axonometric Beach small 2 by Julie OldfieldOcean motion Rozanne BellSilently Garcia SolerPilgrims way Holy Island Stuart herdCrashing waves Garcia Soler Barra beach Kerr Rodgie Fading Light Kerr Rodgie Engaging the enemy - 11041Sea Storm by Julie OldfieldDistant landscape Garcia Soler Moored Alan MorganInverie Kerr RodgieAxonometric Beach small 1 by Julie OldfieldCornish Coast Incoming Tide Garcia Soler Morning mist Simon WrightOld Staithes - 11141Blue Horizons Rozanne BellScarlet Sky Loch Nevis Kerr RodgieBlackpool Stuart HerdWest Coast, HarrisLand meets sea Garcia Soler Axonometric Beach by Julie Oldfield MA0901Kindred - 11138By the sea Gracia Soler Marble shoreline Rozanne BellStone beached fields Kerr rodgie Causeway Shelter Holy Island Stuart HerdWhite tides, Constantine BayOcean View Garcia SolerLuminescence by Julie OldfieldTied up - 11139By the shore Garcia Soler Stripes all in! MiroThe parasols MiroSparkles on the sea Rozanne Bell Together MiroMaritime Two empty chairs MiroSwirls of blue Rozanne BellThis way and that way! MiroMarch light appletree bay Mark BeresfordWhat no shade? MiroTurquoise beaches Rozanne BellA day out! MiroFamily outing MiroNo more space! MiroThe one and only MiroStill LifeAcquisitionApple collection by HiguerasStill Life Paul BrownGarlic - 2150Oranges by HiguerasQuinces by candlelightSideways glance IIThe juggling ballsPears and wine - 1689roses HiguerasPink flowers and apples - 1690Still Life peach with knifeKeeping it together Paul Brown One - up man ship by Bryan HibleRed Token Bryan HibleThe fall out Paul brown vase of orange flowers with oranges - 1687The tanker by BorosStill Life - 7304 by Paul BrownStill Life It takes two by Paul Brown Still Life Unwrapped Paul Coventry BrownStill Life On my own by Paul brownCaraf and grapes - 1688Still Life Berger 10801Still Life The one and only by Paul Brown Hanging out by Paul BrownStill Life Berger10819Still Life apple with knife MA0215Still Life Champagne with strawberries MulioStill Life Berger 9908Still Life sweet peach by Paul Brown Still Life with Peach by BergerStill Life with Peaches by BergerStill Life white wine grapes and cork MulioStill Life Bitter sweet by Paul Brown Wildlife & NatureAddi Butterfly by RussellWalk this way! Rozanne BellBetsie Butterfly by RussellAli Butterfly by RussellCandice Butterfly by Russell Crazy Cow! Rozanne Bell Amelia Butterfly by RussellAmelie Butterfly by RussellArisa Butterfly by RussellBell Butterfly by RussellKingfisher Lion FeijenWren on a branch Lion FeijenArtists A-FA - CAguilarThe GardenAndrew-Grant Kurtis Antoli Victorio The Pathway - 8680Silver Birches Antoli Highgate, South Meadow - 10270Sham Bridge, thousand pound pond - 10280Calm & Crisp MorningSilver river - 10047Wood Pond - 10277Highgate, Mens Bathing PondAracilSiesta by AracilAshcroft Mike The Croft - 8461The Farmstead - 8457The Meadows - 8458The house on the hill Pendle - 7863The ploughed land - 8456Through the Distance - 7865By the shore - 8464Evening glow - 8459Storm approaching - 7859Sunset Solway Scotland - 7860Awlson Walter Morning glow - 10732Sleeping Nude Pastel by Walter AwlsonBamfield John Lead forth into battle by John BamfieldBarker GordonCity winter by Gordon BarkerBateman Scott In this together Scott Bateman Love on all levels Scott Bateman Rising High on stormy seas Scott Bateman After the storm Scott Bateman We could fly high Scott Bateman Higher love Scott Bateman Bell Rozanne Love meadow Rozanne Bell In the heat of the day - 10792Lava in red Rozanne BellThe Green Rozanne BellPoppy bazaar - 10760Ocean motion Rozanne BellFire fly - 10064Busy Bees Rozanne BellIn the blue by Rozanne Bell abstract mixed mediaLate night shopping Rozanne BellWhos who? Rozanne BellWalk this way! Rozanne BellDaisies or poppies? Rozanne BellFresh as a summers day Rozanne BellIn the garden Rozanne BellThe garden by moonlight - 10437By the harbour Rozanne Bell Street PartyMillies favourites Rozanne BellPoppy Heaven Rozanne BellCrazy Cow! Rozanne Bell Purple Glow Rozanne BellGrowing with the daisies - 10445Under the moon - 10438In the red Rozanne BellBirds Song By Roz BellOn the town Rozanne BellBlue Horizons Rozanne BellSummer Garden Rozanne BellHappy Street Rozanne Bell Daisy Chain Rozanne BellBlue skys happy flies - 10873Voluptuous - 10084Dragonfly Haven Rozanne BellLava in blue Rozanne BellMarble shoreline Rozanne BellDog walking - 10842grazing sheep - 9771 Roz BellToo much choice! Rozanne BellDown by the harbour Rozanne BellPeeping turquoise - 10333pefect poppy - 9146 Roz BellTurquoise Glow Rozanne BellHarvest Moon Rozanne BellThe Windmill Rozanne BellNightime shopping Rozanne BellSugar and spice - 10097Sparkles on the sea Rozanne Bell Meadow moment - 10428Summer holiday - 10359Millers Lane - 10740Swirls of blue Rozanne BellTurquoise beaches Rozanne BellMoonlight Harbour Roz BellPastel play - 10867Poppy Love Rozanne BellIn Summer - 9622 Roz BellEvening sunset Rozanne BellFactory fortnight - 10756Benoni VeronikaBerefordAugust Light appletree bay Mark BeresfordMarch light appletree bay Mark BeresfordBerger R. Still Life Bowl with cherries BergerStill Life apple and orange with bowl bergerStill Life bowl with plums BergerStill Life bowl with apples BergerStill Life nectarines BergerStill Life bowl with green apples BergerStill Life Pears BergerStill Life peach strawberries and plum BergerStill Life bowl with peaches BergerStill Life Bowl with lemons BergerBergoglioMusic of lights in New YorkPoetics of Cental ParkBigger Clare Holly Blue - 9385Blinkthorn JamesEnd of Shift Original Painting by James BlinkhornBorosBoyd JacquieAll for your baby - 4927Cynthias dress - 4841I cant dance - 4928Boyes Carol Cork Screw by Carol BoyesMini Knife by Carol BoyesCheese Knife by Carol BoyesButter Knife by Carol BoyesBradley Jack Calm Waters - 6916Bridger Steve Gin and tonic by Steve BridgerHow did that happen? by Steve BridgerMy first project by Steve BridgerBrown Paul After work by Paul BrownMilk and cookies by Paul BrownStill Life Paul BrownKeeping it together Paul Brown The fall out Paul brown Still Life Bitter sweet by Paul Brown Still Life It takes two by Paul Brown Still Life On my own by Paul brownStill Life Unwrapped Paul Coventry BrownStill Life The one and only by Paul Brown Hanging out by Paul BrownStill Life sweet peach by Paul Brown Callan A. JGummie Together - AJ CallanGummy bears AJ Callan The small version AJ CallanCarlton Wendy Its all about the colour Wendy Carlton Cartwright David Engaging the enemy - 11041CatalaReadings CatalaSugar CatalaBooks and notes CatalaBooks on the mosiac CatalaGlassware CatalaCawood CarolIn the Meadow by Carol CawoodGiant Daisies by Carol CawoodCemmick DavidPheasant ForwardMorning Wash By David CemmickMorning Wash II by David CemmickChapman Chris Girl in the pink hat Chris Chapman Mill Street Chris ChapmanSoup of the day Chris Chapman Moonlight walk - 5050Pipes and caps Chris ChapmanChias Pablo The Flowers - 8957The Headdress - 3609Emperatriz - 10703Galiana - 10702Servant Boy Pablo ChiasOn the beach by Pablo ChiasBonita - 10705EmpoweredAdoria - 10704Copper pots by ChiasChristie Colin Ian Pecking Longing look, Harrogate 1967 Colin ChristiePicking the winners at Gosforth Coiln ChristieSunday morning Newcastle Colin ChristieStroll at sunsetBamburgh Colin ChristieLochaberSunlight through the treesLochan cottage Glen CoeTerritoryLindisfarne Colin ChristieEvening callsEvening light Glen CoeSt Marys Lighthouse Colin ChristieMorpeth Colin ChristieSky embers Bamburgh CastleFire in the skyDunstanburgh Colin ChristieBig sky over LindisfarnePartolGrey street Newcastle Colin Christie Chung ShekIn and around - 7784The odd one out - 7786ClaxtonTidal Pool Michael ClaxtonBetween the land Michael ClaxtonDeep blue sea Michael ClaxtonOcean Michael Claxton Green Bay Michael Claxton Cooke Nigel Cafe on the corner Nigel CookCafe De Flore Nigel CookeLondon Skyline Nigel CookLondon, The Thames by Nigel CookeLunch By The Thames - 9258New York taxis - 9947Venice Nigel CookThe Embankment Nigel CookeAll in red Nigel CookeBen over the river - 10108Big Ben Nigel Cooke By The Thames - 9255The tourist trail Nigel CookeLunch Hour Nigel CookeHeading towards Big Ben Nigel CookeAmsterdam Nigel Cooke MA1369Approaching Big Ben Nigel CookeCopernicoArab - 10800Cossio Juan Petals - 6926Cotterill Tim Coulthard Peter The Highland way - 3726Buttermere - 3722Highland winter - 3729Misty Morning - 4650Scottish Glen - 4649Crawshaw Donna Face off - 812D - FDalene Meiring Spring Banquet III - 3556together - 2815Women of the land - 2813Darrell Evanes fishing boat - 10432Day Kevin Sisters - 4609De MarinisNina - 2522Reclining Nude - 3065Restful Read - 3069Summer Dreaming - 2776The Blue lady - 4858The Ethnic Necklace - 3066The Pose - 3733The black hat - 4159The peach veil - 2652DeAngelArabesque - 6058Contemplation - 6543 DeAngelGirl in Red - 8339 DeAngelGirl standing - 8340 DeAngelMovement in red - 6455 DeAngelPower struggle - 8342 DeAngelRepose in red - 6456 DeAngelWondering - 6544 DeAngelacostada (Lying) - 8839 DeAngelBlack and white - 6540 DeAngelDeCastillo2 pears - 2384Uncovered - 3637Variety - 3638Demsteader MarkSuzanne seated - 2378Devine K Le Consulat - 5030DomingoLazy Day - 3400Downie James Match day - 8518Duffield Rik Sunset - 4010sunset - 1841Duquoc Jean Calm Evening - 6505The lonely boat - 6501Vent de soleil - 3139Night Approaching - 6504Sailing - 6506The Bay - 6502The cliff top - 6500Durkin SeanDrink Beer Sean DurkinGathering in The Square Sean DurkinOn the town Sean DurkinHead down..keep walking! Sean DurkinWalk this way Sean Durkin Lets get together! Sean Durkin The old church Sean Durkin To catch a thief Sean Durkin Dussatti WalterWhite Roses - 9317The Train by DuscattiEdwards FRSA MDerek Finds It by Mark EdwardsEdwards Jim Westminster stretch II - 1380EerdmanPorcelain Bowl & Cherries - 3876Porcelain Bowl III - 3878El BlancoFloral - 4346Esteve Marcos By the shore - 9933Evans TerrenceA Winters day Distant mountain - 4618FarbridgeBirds in flight - 1228Feather David Goldfinches - 3015Feijen Lion ArieRoman vase with Appleblossom - 10596Strawberries - 11051Puffins Still Life bowl and pomegranatesCan & redcurrants - 6382Kingfisher - 10523Kingfisher Lion FeijenWren on a branch Lion FeijenFishwickFloral Glory by FishwickBlossom vii by FishwickSpring Time ii by FishwickBlossom i by FishwickThrough the branches by FishwickBlossom iii by FishwickDancing Blossom iBlossom ix by FishwickBlossom vi by FishwickFlower dust by FishwickBlossom viii by FishwickBlossom x by FishwickFlanagan PeterDown the TyneDown on the town by night Peter FlanaganFishermans flags Holy island Peter FlanaganHawthorn in blossom Peter FlanaganThe last shipyard WallsendFoleyMoorland Cottages II - 6740Soon to be home - 6737Homeward Bound - 6738Moorland Cottages I - 6739Moorland Cottages III - 6741Forest Tony Cheetah - 1247Fox Robin Cherry Blossom Robin FoxTete-a-tete Robin foxMedium elevated Robin Robin FoxMedium elevated Wren Robin FoxSmall elevated robin Robin FoxSmall elevated wren Robin FoxContented Robin Robin FoxContented Wren Robin Fox MA0861Fruhmesser Gunther The way back - 7177The side track - 7176FurstVenice - 3689Artists G-MG - IGaffoglio Gisela The Trip Gisela GaffoglioGartside Vic Free style skating - 9122Goodwin Nick Mr blue loses his hat - 4621Graham John The call - 5413The untold story - 5420Old bearded man - 5302Old man portrait - 5303Old man study - 5304The Boatman - 5319Graham Peter Down by the river Hamilton Marina The bandit - 4576The waiting game - 4577Gridlock - 4575Hargan Joe The apple of his eye - 9375Educating Rita - 9374Rookies - 9376Haskins K Time for a treat - 6295Breaktime - 6292The three OClock - 6291Elevenses - 6294Strawberry Tart - 6290Hawkins Stephen HefenanPig R HefferanRam R HefferanStag R HefferanFox R HefferanHeliosMoored boats - 1923Herd StuartPilgrims way Holy Island Stuart herdCraster Store - Stuart HerdLindisfarne Store - Stuart HerdBlackpool Stuart HerdCauseway Shelter Holy Island Stuart HerdHernandez AntonioGrand Canal - 11065Marcos Basilica - 11069St Marcos from St Jorgio Maggiore - 11064Herrera MaykelHavana heat - 2727Hible BryanAcquisitionSideways glance IIOne - up man ship by Bryan HibleGo Mo Bryan HibleSomething wicked this way comes by Bryan HibleRed Token Bryan HibleTeabreak#1 Bryan HibleTeabreak#3 Bryan HibleHiguerasMiguel white horse Higueras Show time HiguerasWhite Andalusian by HiguerasStanding proud HiguerasTraun XIroses HiguerasFree Time HiguerasJug with lily - 1917Donkey Higueras White DignityDancing stallion Higueras Lemon and Bottle - 9635Lemons - 9634Apple collection by HiguerasIve got my eye on you! HiguerasTruan IX Trotting - 11093Side Profile HiguerasHighland Cow by HiguerasOn show HiguerasOranges by HiguerasRacing StallionWhite horse - 11092Hindmarsh WilliamFace filling - 8925Follow the banner - 3851The onsetter - 8636HinojosaThe Clock - 3389The Coffee Pot - 3390Holm Jenny A birds eye view Jenny HolmSearching for golden eggs Jenny HolmCherry Picking Jenny HolmScent of a rose Jenny HolmGo fly with the flock Jenny HolmMy mother my daughter Jenny HolmHooper Clarefloral i - 1828Horsewell JohnLittle green boat - 7493Tuscany - 4400IanicelliItalian Seascape II - 3170IglesiaNight Flight with river - 526Isom GrahamYearlings en masse - 10780Mr HAsteriod 2029 Mr H How to tell the truth Mr HJ - LJackson Mike A Quick Brew Stop - 2943Conkers outside the Art Gallery - 3010Fight outside the Fleece - 3011James Michael Evening Lights - New York City - 10379Evening rain at the bridge Michael JamesGirl in the rain - Brooklyn Bridge - 10377High bridge st. RPM has moved - 9294The remains of the day Neville St Michael James The rivers edge - 9962Under the bridge - 9961Up to Playfair steps - Edinburgh - 10378City Lights at Sunset newcastle Michael James Evening Light Grey St Michael JamesJebbett Clive Alexander Early News - 5067The Clues Are There - 5065Johnston Steve A Distant shore 2 - 3982Against the wind - 4117Couple with umbrella - 3980Lady with umbrella - 4118Man with painting - 3983Man with umbrella - 4119Man with umrella ii - 4120Woman with painting - 3984Kamu Sergey restful moment - 9728KasafrankaThe wine barrels - 3641Keller RFantasia - 6582In orange - 8013The flock - 9850Highland coo!!Long horn Ruby KellerMini me! Ruby KellerBullseye! Ruby KellerThe waiting game Ruby Keller MA0847Cheeky cow ! Ruby KellerDouglas by Ruby KellerThe Magestic Ruby KellerStag Ruby Keller Stag by Ruby KellerBy your side Ruby Keller MA0846The calf by Ruby KellerThe stand by Ruby KellerKing Gordon Daydreamer - 7029Daydreaming Girl - 9557Knox Peter Yard entrance/exit - 10719Docked - 11161Terrace - 2395Rouen Cathedral Peter KnoxHeading home - 10476The skipper - 10659Embarking at the quayside - 5395Brigantine - 11131Swingbridge - 11133Steelworker on bike Peter KnoxHomeward bound - 5710End of shift - 11126Turnstile - 11125York Cathedral Peter KnoxMidnight journey - 10483Coal Staithes Tyne - 11014Terns, Northumberland - 11012Mist rising - 10658Going home on bikes - 10485Steam/Sail Whaling vessel - 10487Bovril Terrace - 11127Steelworks bridge - 10229easterly Newton - 11015The Crossing - 11013The swing bridge - 10477Maritime The Keeper - 10722Card players - 11016Tangier - 9584Marrakech Souk Faccini Oil - 11017The Yard - 9811Unloading - 11154Marrakech Square The bussle of the Quayside - 10482Night Riders - 11136Waterfall High Force - 11128Cyclists - 11135Terrace - 11124The loading bay - 10479Brig shifting downstream Peter KnoxGulls, Embelton - 11123KoflerPeonies - 3701Lambert Leigh Catch me if you can Print by Leigh LambertJust one more chip FramedHopping out by Leigh LambertA Heros wave Leigh LambertChocks away son Leigh LambertGo go go! Leigh LambertHows my lad? Leigh LambertI think he means it Leigh LambertOne at a time Leigh LambertLawler Steven A life of echoes - 8807Blushing Pears - 8804Layton Ian Edinburgh Rooftoops - 9090Lees Gordon Evening in the village - 11121Sunset in the village - 11122Leondar Vasile Brooklyn Bridge - 7326The Grandstand - 8190City Lights - 7327The Long Walk - 7328City Reflections - 8191True Blue - 7336Winter Lights - 3900Liberty - 7331Night Stroll - 7330Nightlife - 7335Poppy iv - 4162Red Night - 7333Red Poppy Tryptich - 2439Highest Point - 7337Lester SeereyThe Busker - 3816The art stand - 3817The newspaper seller - 3815The oyster sellers - 3814LinaresUndisturbed - 10501MMacaulay James Kilbrannan sound - 8127Mackie JohnThe Avenue - 5039MajidLily pond II - 3703New York Lights II - 8126The poppy garden - 9057Autumn woodland - 3702Marshall Anthony Rooftops and St. Nicholas - 2857Venice - 6932Cathedral rain showers Anthony Marshall Waterfront sunlight Anthony MarshallSoft toys - 11007May JMcArthur Patsy Original Oil by Patsy McArthur Explanation - 3447Original Pastel by Patsy McArthur Frontier 1 - 2111Original Pastel by Patsy McArthur Frontier II - 2112Original pastel by Patsy McArthur Status Anxiety - 2134Original Pastel by Patsy McArthur Up Hill Struggle - 1676McCorquodale Lizzie Dont date to find.......... - 4051Nothing is better....... - 4032With fronds like these..... - 3929Good Friend - 3930Nothing is better.......................... - 4058Im a excellent housekeeper - 4048Open your mind - 4028Outside of a dog.................. - 4033Im an excellent housekeeper............... - 4056When Im down in the dumps... - 3937Nothing is better..................... - 4059Im an excellent housekeeper - 4049McKie Ken Fruit Rocks! Ken Mckie 2 jars with sweetsMcNeile Jones Andrew White Tulips - 10856Quinces by candlelightThe juggling ballsThis place, this day - 10846Meilof R Meiring DaleneMenzingerBeach Scene - 2999Milburn Michelle Smithies Store - 4024Keeping it clean - 5199Millar Alexander`Faithful Companion` by Millar`Mini Me` by Millar`Off ta the Match` by Millar`On yer bike` by Millar`Back from the nightshift` by MillarMiller JamesIcecream beach Miller and JamesYoung Love by Miller & JamesMiroMolinerSummer sailing Moliner Morgan AlanThe Hamlet Alan Morgan The hiding place Alan Morgan Approaching storm Alan MorganAfter the storm Alan MorganDividedJust the two of us Aan MorganStorm approaching Alan MorganMoored Alan MorganThe church spire Alan MorganOut in the open Alan MorganThe View Alan MorganThe clearing Alan MorganThrough the field Alan MorganLavender Field Alan MorganLandscape Alan Morgan Path to the town Alan MorganOn the landscape Alan MorganMorroStill Life - 8055floral - 4008Mulio Javier Still Life - 7042Still Life - 11114Still Life Red wine with bottle opener MulioStill Life - 7735Still Life Fizz with oyster and lemon MulioStill Life - 4204Still Life white wine grapes and corkHibiscus - 5061Still Life Martini with olives MulioStill Life champagne and Berries II MulioStill Life - 6494Undying love - 6268Magnificient Beauty - 4702Still Life red wine and grapes MulioStill Life red wine grapes and cork MulioStill Life Champagne with strawberries MulioStill Life white wine grapes and cork MulioStill Life champagne and berries MulioStill Life champagne flute with strawberries MulioStill Life Red wine grapes and cork MulioMuscio Giuseppe More Than Real - 7095Artists N-ZN - ONeswadba Christian Floral NeswabdaFloral Red & Orange - 3939Floral abstract - 3951Floral abstract - 3952Blue and yellow floral - 2696Sunlight landscape - 1883abstract floral - 3941Explosion of bloom IIII - 1876Neswadba Gerhard Red and White Bouquet - 9546Summer Spray - 9549Newton Rob long shadows - 2572All uphill again Robert NewtownOld Staithes - 11141The big tree, Morwick Robert Newton First signs of Autumn Robert NewtonEarly Autumn Robert Newton Aproaching Hail The road to Abergavenny Robert NewtonMidsummer sky Robert NewtonRain, Heading North, Garlyside Rob NewtonSummer Storm - 10692Warm sky Robert Newton Autumn Coquet Vale - 10684Over my shoulder Robert Newton Spring Rain. Beacon hill Rob NewtonTied up - 11139Wet road ahead Robert Newton Ploughed earth Robert Newton Three small farmsWinter Morning - 2570Kindred - 11138Shade from a hedge Robert Newton Boulmer, Early morning Robert Newton Rain over hedgehope - 10967Border Hills, Rain showers - 10686Cows Grazing - 10685Nicholson EmmaFairy Wishes Emma NicholsonNottingham JayDowns Cottage Jay NottinghamFishermans rest Jay NottinghamMoorland Cottage Jay Nottingham Farmers Rest by Jay NottinghamMountain solitude Jay Nottingham Golden Glade Cottage Jay Nottingham Ocana EugenioAqua Frio - 4450OFarrell Roisin Fine and Dandy - 8416Journeys end - 8793Right as ninepence - 8626Oldfield JulieAxonometric Beach small 1 by Julie OldfieldAxonometric Beach small 2 by Julie OldfieldLuminescence by Julie OldfieldOxidised Trees by Julie OldfieldAnnapurna Circuit 6am by Julie OldfieldSea Storm by Julie OldfieldAxonometric Beach by Julie Oldfield MA0901Olmo Leon The single iris - 3990The white iris - 3989Floral - 4525Floral II - 4526Orchids - 4527The flower - 4528P - RPalmer Grant Park Stephen Zebra II - 7795Parsley HelenThe Cathedral Helen ParsleyHazy Venice Helen ParsleyMorning Haze Helen ParsleyRipples on the River Helen ParsleyEvening Stroll Helen ParsleySunset on the lake Helen ParsleyRipples on the river Helen ParsleyPatrisiBeside the Sea by PaulsenBy the River by PaulsenPaulsen Erich Side by Side - 10826Penn Gavin Swan lake - 6928Decision - 6933Picard Jean-Claude Evening in Tuscany - 4098Lily Pond - 4681Pont EricShelter Enric Pont When it rains Enric Pont Potter NickDerelict Croft with daylight moonTiree BlackhouseRuined Croft by Nick PotterAbandoned Croft with daylight MoonCroft with daylight moonPreinerStill Life red wine glass and bottleStill Life The Taster PreinerStill Life Bring work home PreinerStill Life basket peaches and glassStill Life Indulgence PreinerStill Life Pouilly Fuisse PreinerStill Life Chablis Preiner Still Life The end result PreinerStill Life Strawberries preiner Still Life Don Perignon PreinerStill Life bowl of cherriesStill Life apples in bowl PreinerStill Life At the end of the day PreinerStill Life with Rioja by PrienerStill Life strawberries and bow BergerStill Life bowl and orange BergerStill Life white wine peach and booksStill Life - 9575Still Life The Recipe PreinerRankin AlisonPom II - 7183Pom III - 7184Pom IV - 7185Reid Tristan Nude 3 - 9679Big Just Tristan ReidBlues and Golds - 8892Black Dress - 4430Black Dress - 7809Nude with rust and butterflies - 9190Broad cracking wise Tristan ReidChiara - 4930Cinderella - 7808Heartbeats - 4931Snowblind - 6764Cinderella - 5460Restfulness - 11089The Butterfly Catcher - 4434Unseen - 7799In Black - 11088A Place to Hide - 5176Warm Grey...Black - 5177About Romance - 5178Lara with red flowers - 7800Adam - 4626And the rose - 5464Flying in the RainBenedict we make it - 4027E-J at BAS Tristan ReidMasked Tristan ReidReina LHibiscus - 3973Renforth PhilipRitchie RobVictoria Plums & Bowl - 3611Robbins Jane Dancing on ice - 10778Dancing on ice II - 10779Roberts KenFootsteps by Ken RobertsShadows by Ken RobertsWinter Fun by Ken RobertsRodgers Peter Big Steps, Big boots - 6409Grey Day Frari - 7195Gulls over Thames - 7199Light on the awnings - 5952Two way traffic - 7190Big boots, Big bag - 6407Hi ho, Hi ho... - 5719Walk, dont run - 5722Deco downpour - 5716Dusk on the Canal - 5573Evening departure - 5951Rodgie Kerr Fading Light Kerr Rodgie Coastal RocksLoch Slapin Cottage Constantine BayInverie Kerr RodgieCornish SwellLoch Slapin Hills, SkyeLoch FyneScarlet Sky Loch Nevis Kerr RodgieSurfWest Coast, HarrisClearing sky over the CullinsStone beached fields Kerr rodgie White tides, Constantine BayCornish Coast Anchored offBarra beach Kerr Rodgie Atlantic WavesDusk Skye Clearing skyRodgie Lynn Sunset Glade by Lynn RodgieHarbour VistaLakeland Farmhouse - 8075Late evening haybales - 5374Service Summer Bunting by Lynn RodgieDappled Light by Lynn Rodgie The Sommelier by Lynn RodgieWest Coast Sailboats by Lynn RodgieLoch Tay RiverboatsWest Coast sailboats by Lynn RodgieBowhill Rowboat - 11098Poppies and Linseed FieldPoppies in the wind by Lynn RodgieRocky Bay by Lynn RodgieAberlady poppies by Lynn RodgieSea of poppies by Lynn RodgieCrail Harbour by Lynn RodgieRoyo JoseIntrospecion - 6191The heat of the day RoyoGirl with the water jug - 9288The gold earring RoyoRubiales Celia Coastline - 3388The Cove - 3387Ruffell CMilitary Chest - 9860Russell JohnBy the shore by John RussellAmelie Butterfly by RussellFlying High John RussellGrazing time by John RussellArisa Butterfly by RussellSpread your wings and fly John RussellThe Paddock by John RussellThe cornfield by John RussellAddi Butterfly by RussellOn the breeze John RussellBetsie Butterfly by RussellAli Butterfly by RussellSilhouette mountains JohnRussellCandice Butterfly by Russell Amelia Butterfly by RussellThe Homestead John RussellAlmost Hidden John RussellThe red roof John RussellThe stead John RussellShepherds Cottage by John RussellMountain Range John RussellOn the hillside John RussellPeaceful place John RussellBell Butterfly by RussellSecluded John RussellStanley Steads John RussellStormy sky John Russell The one and only John RussellS - UJanice StubbsHorse Janice StubbsSanchis JVenice - 10499SanninoThe Stream - 3333Saralis AlGolden Triangle - 9183Head With Roses - 8425Still Life3 - 8424Dancer1 - 8422Satchwells WendyNew love 1 - 10773New love 2 - 10772Scorer MarkLarge Forest - Mark ScorerLarge Forest 2 Mark ScorerSmall Forest 1 - Mark ScorerSmall Forest 2 Mark ScorerSummer Forest - Mark ScorerSgarbossa ACafe St Marks - 3745Cafe Terrace - 3746Quiet thought II - 4232Silhoette - 3751SieversBoatyard - 5108Simpson Michael (Sculptor)Labrador Sitting - 10121Acorns - 10128Three little mice 775 Michael SimpsonSmith AlanBack streets by Alan SmithHens in the Yard by Alan SmithThe Stables by Alan SmithThe Workshops by Alan SmithFarm Yard and Hens by Alan SmithShopping for Messages by Alan SmithSmith Steven Allure - 7530Alone - 7253Solans Leonor Dreaming - 3840Night - 3836To take the tail of the tiger - 3839Soler GarciaSilently Garcia SolerIncoming Tide Garcia Soler Land meets sea Garcia Soler By the sea Gracia Soler Ocean View Garcia SolerBy the shore Garcia Soler Crashing waves Garcia Soler Distant landscape Garcia Soler SpofforthHighland Coo S SpofforthPatrick on the moor S SpofforthPlucky S SpofforthThe great mable s SpofforthHorace S SpofforthStevenIn front StevenOn the edge Steven On the outside StevenOne for ewe and one for me! StevenPatiently waiting StevenRedtop StevenThe Hamlet StevenTwos company StevenWash day StevenStewart Peter Giraffe - 8115Zebra in summer grazing - 8894Zebra midday rest - 8895Luagwa Bulls - 8045Pair of Giraffes - 8114Zebra Portrait - 8332Strino FranscescaPoised - 3020Nude on bed - 3251Gypsy love - 2778Life - 4262Seated - 4085Summer Heat - 4083The Engagement - 3022Strino Gianni Clown - 4948The Ballet Dancer - 4080Don Raffaele - 10695Farmer - 10696The herd Gianni StrinoThe two friends Gianni StrinoGianni Strino White StallionsGalloping Gianni StrinoThe old sailor Gianni StrinoSturgeon Dick SwanaginCounty Clare III - 3959Evening shadows - 5673Talantbek ChekirovAnna - 8618Summer Sun - 9160Bella - 8616Daydream - 7155Feeling Good - 9161Lina - 8617Telford Richard Down the lane Richard Telford The shortcut Richard Telford Walkies Richard TelfordThe Appointment Richard TelfordDog walking Richard Telford The Cafe on the streetRichard TelfordDown the alley Richard TelfordHeading Home Richard TelfordThe Meeting place Richard TelfordIn the shade Richard Telford MA1520Lady in Red Richard Telford MA1515The appointment Richard Telford MA1309The Cobbled street Richard TelfordTerrence EvansBy the river - 11159Wild flowers by the river - 11160Tinucci Bruno Sunflower fields - 7726TorresLavander Field - 10500Abstract - 1930TrelisCuadro Arab - 1953The Elder - 4174V - ZValarmovSpring Birch - 2393Vernonelake sunset - 4012Vila VigyazoBlue Venice - 10731Sky with spirit Dunstanburgh - 10094Green glazing Alnwick - 10092Porto - 10134The view to the power station - 10466Lindisfarne dawn - 10086Porto - 10522Caught in the light Dunstanburgh - 10096Venice - 8480Purple Venice - 9754London - 10519Venice 3 - 10137Moonlight Venice - 9752San giorgio Maggiore - 9493Gondalos - 9494Venice by Moonlight - 9755On the river - 10253Blue haze Venice - 10730Venice - 10520Gentle lapping Lindisfarne - 10090Red power station London - 10727VillasanteArches VillasanteThe View VillasanteThe Walkway VillasanteVucuzkojaPears and wine - 1689Pink flowers and apples - 1690vase of orange flowers with oranges - 1687Caraf and grapes - 1688Wanyi BalazsGarlic - 2150Whitfield Carl Strawberries & redcurrents - 5279Strawberries - 5280Williams GlynnBadgers in the snow - 9553Willmott CharlesGuinevere - 2004Melissa - 2007The two pigeons (3) - 2009The two pigeons - 2008Wilson Karen Daisies - 8039Daffodils - 8036Daisy day - 8040Wolsten Holme Jonathan deeds - 2461Woolley KeithBond Keith Woolley Scotty Dog Medium Keith WoolleyExploitation Keith WoolleyScotty Dog Small Keith WoolleyHare Moon Gazing The Guitarist Large scarecrow Keith Woolleysml scarecrow Keith WoolleyMoon Hare 2 Keith WoolleyMad Hatter Keith Woolley Worswick Peter Wheres my brolly! Peter WorswickWright Simon Westminster Bridge Simon WrightMorning mist Simon WrightYoung AprilRunning hare April YoungFox April YoungStag Study on gold April YoungBoxing hares on green April YoungRed Deer Stag on gold April YoungArt over 4kFarmer - 10696Vent de soleil - 3139The Avenue - 5039Servant Boy Pablo ChiasThe Flowers - 8957Introspecion - 6191Siesta - 2352Night Approaching - 6504Roman vase with Appleblossom - 10596Luagwa Bulls - 8045Sailing - 6506More Than Real - 7095The heat of the day RoyoThe Headdress - 3609The Ballet Dancer - 4080Puffins The Bay - 6502Readings CatalaEmperatriz - 10703Zebra in summer grazing - 8894Oystercatchers Robert NewtonStill Life bowl and pomegranatesEngaging the enemy - 11041The cliff top - 6500Clown - 4948Sugar CatalaGirl with the water jug - 9288The Clues Are There - 5065Galiana - 10702Evening Stroll Helen ParsleyDon Raffaele - 10695The lonely boat - 6501Books and notes CatalaCalm Evening - 6505Cuadro Arab - 1953On the beach by Pablo ChiasAdoria - 10704The gold earring RoyoOff ta the match! Gianni Strino White StallionsBonita - 10705"On Yer bike" BatherEducating Rita - 9374The apple of his eye - 9375empowered - 10701Back from the nightshiftBoulmer, Early morning Robert Newton restful moment - 9728PrintsLambert LeighCatch me if you can Print by Leigh LambertJust one more chip FramedSeaside Here we come by Leigh Lambert