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Knox Peter

Peter Knox

Peter was born in 1942 and since 1973 has been living on the Scottish Borders. He is an artist who has the ability to portray the mystique of seafaring history. The ships, spars and busy quaysides of the past are exquisitely captured by his talent with pen and brush. As artist - tutor to the college of the Sea, and lecturer on art at Norwich he has painted world wide on board ships. After several successful exhibitions his reputation has widened and collectors, both public and private, have purchased his work including the National Maritime Museum and Marine Society. In this exhibition Peter reflects back into history through his imagination and his own personal experiences to create a collage of peoples associated with the sea, their social pursuits, and the vessels in which they worked from the times of Admiral Collingwood. Peters sea faring knowledge comes through in each piece and his love of the subject can be seen in all of his representations.

Coal Staithes Tyne - 11014 Coal Staithes Tyne - 11014
1 in stock
Coal Staithes Tyne by Peter Knox Coal Staithes Tyne Size: 25cm x 46cm Framed
Docked - 11161 Docked - 11161
1 in stock
Docked by Peter Knox Docked Size: 12cm x 18cm Framed
Grand canal at Night Venice Peter Knox Grand canal at Night Venice Peter Knox
1 in stock
Peter Knox - Grand Canal at night, Venice Image size 15x14cm Medium Watercoulour Framed
Homeward bound - 5710 Homeward bound - 5710
1 in stock
Homeward bound by Peter Knox Homeward bound Size: 51cm x 76cm Framed
Mist rising - 10658 Mist rising - 10658
1 in stock
Mist rising by Peter Knox Mist rising Size: 46cm x 66cm Framed
Original Oil There Off by Peter Knox Original Oil There Off by Peter Knox
1 in stock
Peter Knox There Off! Image size 121cm x90cm Medium oil Framed :cream slip and gold frame All enquiries welcomed.
Rouen Cathedral Peter Knox Rouen Cathedral Peter Knox
1 in stock
Peter Knox - Rouen Cathedral Image size 70x50cm Medium Charcoal on board Framed
St Marks square Venice Peter Knox St Marks square Venice Peter Knox
1 in stock
Peter Knox - St Marks Square Image size 47cm x61cm approx Medium watercolour framed
Steam/Sail Whaling vessel - 10487 Steam/Sail Whaling vessel - 10487
1 in stock
Steam/Sail Whaling vessel by Peter Knox Steam/Sail Whaling vessel Size: 0cm x 0cm Unframed
Steelworker on bike Peter Knox Steelworker on bike Peter Knox
1 in stock
Peter Knox - Steelworker Image size 51x28cm Medium oil on board Framed
Swingbridge - 11133 Swingbridge - 11133
1 in stock
Swingbridge by Peter Knox Swingbridge Size: 36cm x 51cm Framed
Terrace - 2395 Terrace - 2395
1 in stock
Terrace by Peter Knox Terrace Size: 81cm x 49cm Framed
The skipper - 10659 The skipper - 10659
1 in stock
The skipper by Peter Knox The skipper Size: 40cm x 28cm Framed
Turnstile - 11125 Turnstile - 11125
1 in stock
Turnstile by Peter Knox Turnstile Size: 51cm x 41cm Framed
Yard entrance/exit - 10719 Yard entrance/exit - 10719
1 in stock
Yard entrance/exit by Peter Knox Yard entrance/exit Size: 122cm x 92cm Framed


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